Our purpose

Making homes

Our donated furniture is very reasonably priced and, if you are in receipt of income support or are referred to us with a grant, the scheme provides a discount of 25% on the sale price.  Click here more information about discounts and grants.

Click here our full range of available furniture. 

Protecting the environment

By re-using furniture we’ve saved hundreds of tonnes of furniture from going to landfill.  Where we can’t re-use and we have the resources available, we refurbish and recycle. 

Building community

We offer a broad range of roles to cater for a very broad range of skills.  Jobs include:

  • Warehouse and customer support
  • Van operations
  • Workshop repairs
  • Furniture refurbishment (Carousel)
  • Upholstery
  • Gardening
  • Odd jobs
  • Painting and decorating
To find out more and arrange a visit, email admin@rfsonline.co.uk


The Scheme is run as a charity. To support operations, we raise funds in the following ways:

Sale and delivery of furniture 

The bulk of our income is from the sale of furniture. We also charge for deliveries to help offset the costs of running our van.

Gift Aid

We claim 25% of the sale price for items where we have donors’ permission. This is very valuable to us

Referring to the Scheme

If you know of someone who is need of help, please contact the office via email at admin@rfsonline.co.uk and provide name, contact details and reason(s) for referring and we will take it from there.

If you are a referring agent who wishes to support a client, please contact our team and we will manage the onboarding process.

Find out more about the scheme’s operations

Our charity's values

Be kind

Being friendly, compassionate, supportive, and welcoming to the RFS community.  Seek to understand before being understood.  Being inclusive and non-judgemental.   

Be bold

Do it now and do it properly.  Show leadership.  Show courage.

Be creative

Always find a way.  Innovate and empower action.  Make a difference.