Appliance pre-order checklist

You must check that all the relevant issues below can be answered yes, and confirm this accordingly, prior to order 

All Appliances 

  • Is there enough physical space- in terms of width, depth and height- where the appliance is to be located? 
  • If the appliance is to sit beneath a worktop is there at least 87cm between the floor and underside of the worktop? 
  • Is there a minimum 13Amp electrical supply within 1m of the appliance location? 
  • Is there sufficient width between the external entrance door and the proposed appliance location- including any communal areas, lift, staircases, internal doors, corridors, etc. for the appliance to be delivered? 
  • Will an adult be available to allow delivery and to inspect and sign at completion of delivery? 

Plus the following additional requirements for specific appliance types: 

Electric cooker 

  • Is there a cooker switch rated at least 32Amp (and on a separate radial circuit) within 2m? [NOTE: if this is not the case, for instance where there has not previously been an electric cooker, then a qualified electrician will be required] 
  • Is there a plug socket or cable controlled by the above switch within 1m? 
  • Is the hot zone up to 65cm above hob level clear of any flammable material? 

Washing machine and washer-dryer 

  • Is there a water supply with working isolation value within 1m of the appliance location? 
  • Is there a waste water drain outlet within 1m? 
  • Are hoses available for the water and waste connections? 

Fridge, freezer and fridge-freezer 

  • Does the customer accept that the appliance must not be switched on within a minimum of 4 hours from delivery? [NOTE: this is to allow settlement of coolant to prevent potential blockages] 
Published July 2023