An easy guide to discounts and grants


Our prices are kept low, but it’s our mission to ensure everyone can get the furniture they need.  Check to see if you qualify for an extra 25% discount.


Grants to buy furniture from us are available from a variety of organisations including Richmond Borough Council, Wandsworth Council’s adult social care team, housing associations and local charities.   Check out how to apply.


If it is all a bit overwhelming, we can point you in the right direction, call us on 0208 755 4665 (leave a message if you call outside business hours and we will call you back) or drop us an email:


Grant providers

Below is a selection of organisations that we work who support people with grants for furniture and appliances.

For Richmond borough residents, you can check the rules and apply online here: 

Or you can get help making your application from these local organisations: 

·       Citizens Advice Richmond 

0808 278 7873

·       RAID (Richmond Advice & Information on Disability)

0208 831 6070 

·       Age UK Richmond

Welcome to Age UK Richmond upon Thames

0208 878 3073

To be eligible you must live in Hampton, Hampton Hill, Hampton Wick, Teddington, Twickenham or Whitton and be on a low income

Apply online:

0208 941 7866 

They cover SW13 and some streets in SW14 and SW 15.  To see if you live in the catchment area check their map: You need to apply through a referral organisation so contact:  

·       Citizens Advice Richmond 

       Freephone 080 8278 7873 (10am-5pm Mon-Fri) 

·       Richmond AID - (For people with long term health conditions, disabilities & carers) email call 0208 831 6070 or text 07894 215 835 

·       Age UK Richmond - (Over 60s)  

       0208 878 3073  or email 

·       Barnes Children’s Centre (supports families with children)  

       07904 556423 

·       Other referral agencies include:

o   health visitors 

o   social workers 

o   local churches 

o   your housing provider (Richmond Housing Partnership, PA Housing) 

o   your child’s school 

o   another charity based in the Richmond borough 


For people living or working in TW9, TW10, SW13 and SW14

0208 948 5701 

You need to apply through a referral organisation, so contact: 

·       Citizens Advice Richmond - Freephone 080 8278 7873 (10am-5pm Mon-Fri) 

·       Richmond AID - (For people with long term health conditions, disabilities & carers) email call 0208 831 6070 or text 07894 215 835 

·       Age UK Richmond - (Over 60s) 0208 878 3073  or email 

·       Achieving for Children - For families open to social care, please go through your AfC named contact; eg social worker or personal advisor.

·       Other referral agencies include: 

o   Schools in RPLC’s catchment area

o   Social services

o   Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP)

o   RUiLS (user led charity supporting disabled children and adults and people living with long term physical and mental health conditions

o   Crosslight Advice (Money Advice)

o   Vineyard Community (support around homelessness)

o   Look Ahead (wide ranging support for complex needs)

o   Richmond Recovery & Support Team (mental health support) 



Richmond charity to help people experiencing homelessness

0208 288 6506 


Wandsworth Council, Adult Social Care

The adult social care team can offer grants to spend with us

0208 871 7707 

07940 775 107 (text for hard of hearing) 

If you are finding things tough and need help getting furniture, please contact your housing officer to find out how they can support you in applying for a grant.  Housing associations we work with include Richmond Housing Partnership, PA Housing and Inquilab